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Where can I buy cheap Venetian blinds in St. Albans?

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We love all blinds, but Venetian blinds are one of our favourites.  They just look so wonderful, don’t they?

venetian blinds

Let’s first familiarise ourselves with them, so we all know what we’re talking about.  Venetian blinds consist of horizontal slats, which can be pivoted to control the amount of light that passes through.  These slats can be made of wood or more usually plastic, and are suspended by strips of cloth or by cords.

Part of the beauty of Venetian blinds is how they work.  In terms of light management, the slats can be rotated in unison through nearly 180 degrees so that they all overlap with one side facing inward, and then in the opposite direction so that the other side faces inward … or of course any position in between.

You also need to raise and lower them sometimes of course, and to achieve this there are lift cords which pass through slots in each slat.  When these cords are pulled, the bottom of the blind moves upwards causing the lowest slat to press against the underside of the next slowest slat, and so on all the way up.

It’s also possible to combine the lift cords with the rotational cords; this avoids the necessity for additional slots so decreasing the amount of light that gets through.

Some interesting facts about Venetian Blinds

One of the largest orders for Venetian blinds ever placed was for the Empire State Building – sadly we didn’t get that order, instead it went to the Burlington Venetian Blind Company based in Vermont.  We’d like to think that we’d have done an excellent job – certainly our customer testimonials lead us to believe we would have done.  The order would certainly have kept us busy for a while …

Venetian blinds appear in certain paintings, which help to date them. They are thought to have originated in Persia and not Venice, with Venetian traders discovering them on trade visits.  The French still call them “Les Persienes’ in fact!

Where to buy Venetian Blinds from?

Why, us, of course!  We love blinds, and that love will come across in what we create for you.

Talk to us about how we can transform any room(s) in your home with these wonderful, elegant, and functional things of beauty.

We provide made to measure blinds of all kinds, styles, designs, and colours, for all types of room – traditional, modern, or anywhere in between!  Numerous options are available, ensuring that whatever you’re looking for, we can supply it.  We can colour match too, and provide you with whatever shade you desire.

Here at Absolute Blinds

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To find out more about our wonderful Venetian blinds, try the following link: Venetian blinds in St. Albans

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