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The cost of installing window shutters

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More and more homeowners are choosing interior shutters when they want to give their home the wow factor. The perfect combination of functionality and design, window shutters are a smart choice due to their many benefits and the wide range of styles, materials and finishes available.

Why your home needs window shutters

Apart from the fact that window shutters are the stylish choice for any room, they can also help to guarantee privacy in a room that is overlooked and add an extra layer of security to your home. Shutters give you complete control over the amount of light in any room, keeping your interiors cool in summer, and provide extra insulation during the winter to keep your room cosy. And they need very little maintenance – a wipe with a cloth once a week keeps them looking their best, making them a savvy choice for allergy sufferers as they won’t harbour dust mites like curtains can.

Choosing your window shutter materials

Whether you choose composite or wood will have an effect on the price and the durability of your shutters.

MDF might be the budget option, but these types of shutters are warp and crack resistant, and need minimal maintenance to remain looking good. MDF shutters can also be finished in any colour you choose to match your decor.

PVC shutters are another affordable choice and are particularly suited to installation in kitchens and bathrooms, as they’re unaffected by damp and steamy atmospheres.

Solid wood is the most expensive choice, but also the most durable and long lasting. Wood shutters for windows can be painted, or you can simply enjoy the beauty of the wood that will add a timeless elegance to any interior.

What other choices can influence the price of window shutters?

The size of your shutters will have an effect on the price, as will any bespoke shutters you need to have made for awkward sized or shaped windows and window bays. The style, finish and functionality will also affect the estimate, as will any extra security features you decide to employ.

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