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If you own or run a shop, you will know how important it is to catch the eye of the passerby in the busy shopping environment of the high street. With so many shops to choose from, you need to give shoppers a real reason to spend their money on your goods. Providing a dry place to shelter when the rain is falling, shade on a bright day, or somewhere to stand while grabbing a snack on the go, will increase your chances of getting people through the door. Window shoppers will linger longer if they are protected from the elements, ensuring they see your window display that will hopefully tempt them to come inside and buy your products.

Shop awnings provide an opportunity for you to create unique, eye-catching advertising, which will add dimension and colour to your shop front. The fabrics used to create shop awnings are hard-wearing, easy to clean, and flame retardant. There is a large range of colours to choose from so you can add colour without compromising your branding style. Our awnings can also be provided with built-in lighting, ensuring your shop front is illuminated all the time, providing a touch of class and sophistication to your display.

Pretty, eye-catching and informative window displays will lure in potential customers, but you don’t want those displays damaged by the sun. As well as providing shelter for potential customers, awnings also provide protection for your window goods from damaging UV rays on bright days.

The biggest brands

Our shop awnings are supplied by Markilux and Luxaflex, two companies possessing hugely successful histories in the awning production field.

Why choose Absolute Blinds?

Absolute Blinds is the most expansive independent company throughout the areas of Welwyn Garden City, Hatfield and Hertford. We offer our customers a superb range of awnings for outside shade that operate either automatically or manually. If you require an awning to shelter your shop front, and live locally to one of our base regions, we are here for you. Our awnings are all manufactured from water-resistant fabrics, and feature a mass of options to ensure your shop front is complemented.

With fifteen years of trading in the business, our team has an extremely high level of knowledge and expertise about our products and will ensure you are delighted with your finished product. As a mark of our quality, we are proud that 90% of our sales are gained through customer recommendations and satisfied returning customers, and we work hard to provide a consistently excellent experience.

If you’re interested in investing in shop awnings for your business, or to discuss your requirements and obtain a FREE quote contact us now on 01707 394141.

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