Absolute Blinds supplies a wide variety of voile products of the very highest quality. Whether they are to be used stand-alone, or perhaps  complementing existing curtains, they will add sophistication to your windows.

Quite apart from how beautiful they’ll look, they have other advantages too.  They will increase your privacy, while at the same time ensuring that light permeates. They are also very practical – and very easy to clean and maintain.

There are different types of voile, popular choices being blinds and eyelet curtains.  Our blinds – made from a range of natural materials – are available in a extensive range of colours, styles and patterns … and you can even choose the thickness of your material, depending upon how much light and privacy you require.  And of course you can match them with existing fabrics to enhance the design of your room.

You might also consider voile fabric – elegant drapes that will augment your windows beautifully – or eyelet voile curtains, lessening glare without blocking out the light.

Whatever your thoughts, and however your rooms are designed, we will provide you with some wonderful options that will make your windows be thoroughly practical and look delightful.  Browse through the images below to see what’s possible!

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