Motorised Electric Blinds

Motorised blinds have always been considered a premium product, an extravagance beyond the reach of most. This is now a thing of the past, with electric blinds being available as cost-effective battery operated and mains powered options, now making luxury affordable. You can choose from a remote control or a unique wand that hangs neatly next to the electric blind.

Motorised blinds are revolutionising the way we look at light management. Epitomising comfort, control and style, the motors in our electric blinds are discrete and far from being a gimmick. This technology provides an ideal solution for those hard to reach places and are a perfect child-safety product, eliminating the requirement for operating cords. You can choose from roller, vision, roman and venetian electric blinds.

Easy installation of battery-operated solutions removes the need for mains wiring – creating cost-effective motorised blinds.

Mains powered systems are available for the larger domestic or commercial installations.

Assisted living – motorised blinds help improve the quality of life for those who may require help with everyday tasks around the home. With one touch, you can increase your privacy and filter the daylight; all without leaving your seat!

See the video below by our suppliers Somfy for more information.

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