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How to measure Roller Blinds

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Assuming that we all know what roller blinds are, let’s remind ourselves how good they look:

roller blinds

Now let’s get down to the business of how to measure for them, which is fairly straightforward (but do ask us for help if you have any questions).

One quick point first – if you’re looking for a blackout blind then fit it outside the window recess using exact measurements – this will ensure that the blind blocks out the maximum amount of light.

Roller blind measurements

If you want your roller blind to fit inside the recess (i.e. it’s not a blackout blind) take multiple measurements (windows aren’t always exactly square!) across the width and the drop and then note down the smallest of these measurements as the window dimensions.  We will make the necessary deductions for the mechanisms, brackets and clearance to ensure that your blind fits perfectly – the cloth width will be 3cm narrower than the exact blind width.  See below.

If you want your roller blind to fit outside the recess, decide how much you want it to overlap around the edges of the window – we recommend at least 7.5cm to 10cm in every direction to keep incoming light to a minimum.  See below.

Finally, measure up the width that you would like the cloth to be – remembering that the finished blind will be wider than the cloth width due to the fittings – and then think about the drop.

You will now have your exact blind sizes. Remember that on a roller blind the exact width is bracket to bracket: the fabric width is always 3cm narrower.

And that’s it – it really is as simple as that, although as we said if you have any questions then don’t hesitate to give us a call.

We provide made to measure roller blinds of all kinds, styles, designs, and colours, for all types of room – traditional, modern, or anywhere in between!  Numerous options are available, ensuring that whatever you’re looking for, we can supply it.  We can colour match too, and provide you with whatever shade you desire.

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