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Five reasons to love motorised blinds

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You may not previously have considered motorised blinds, perhaps dismissing them as a gimmick or as too expensive. The truth is, they offer a whole host of benefits to any home: if you’re considering opting for motorised blinds in St Albans, here are five reasons why we love them.

Motorised blinds are affordable

Homeowners are often surprised at how affordable motorised blinds can be, but the truth is that there are options out there to suit all budgets. As more and more manufacturers make them – and as more people choose them – the prices continue to fall, making them more accessible for more people.

Motorised blinds are stylish

Many people love the aesthetic of motorised blinds, which can be raised and lowered without the need for side poles or strings as with traditional Roman and Venetian blinds. They are also available in a wide range of colours and patterns, meaning that they suit all sorts of environments.

They’re perfect for hard to reach places

Previously, windows that were out of reach would need blinds that were opened and closed manually with a separate long pole. Motorised options, though, mean that you can control the light coming through skylights and other hard to reach windows at the touch of a button.

A motorised blind is ideal for families

Safety is paramount for families with young children, and some will steer clear of traditional blinds because of worries that children or pets may become caught up in cords or chains. With motorised blinds, controls can be kept well out of the reach of children, ensuring their safety.

Motorised blinds are wireless

Motorised window blinds have no cords or chains – but there are no visible wires either. Instead, they are controlled wirelessly, via a remote which can either be handheld or mounted to the wall. What’s more, one single remote can be used to control multiple blinds, making them even easier to operate.

There’s no denying that motorised blinds have come on in leaps and bounds over recent years, and offer a whole host of benefits to those who choose to install them. Convenient, good-looking, safe, affordable…what’s not to love?

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