Curtain Accessories

Add a finishing touch of magic with our curtain accessories

Changing your curtains can be an easy way of transforming the look of your home, without having to permanently alter it.

Once you have chosen your curtain fabric from our huge range, matching your new curtains to your home couldn’t be easier with our exciting range of curtain accessories, meaning that your curtains will not only hang correctly but hang stylishly too.

Curtain accessories can be the difference between your new curtains looking great or looking sublime, so they are definitely an area that should not be neglected when choosing the perfect new curtains for your house.

Our extensive range of curtain tie backs allows you to increase window visibility and light into any room, while adding a stylish and contemporary touch in coordination with the rest of the room.

So, as your new curtains will be potentially transforming the look of your room as well as increasing insulation, increasing security, controlling light and helping to avoid dust, curtain accessories can add that final finishing touch of magic, to give your new purchase that little bit of wow factor.

The biggest brands

Our suppliers include Prestigious, Arena, ILiv, and Drapes- so you have a wide variety of curtains to choose from that are specially designed for bay windows.

Why choose Absolute Blinds?

We are the largest independent blinds and curtain retailer in Welwyn Garden City, Hatfield and Hertford, and we have the largest blinds and curtain showroom in these areas too. With fifteen years of trading in the business, our team has an extremely high level of knowledge and expertise about blinds and curtain products and will ensure you are delighted with your finished product. As a mark of our quality, we are proud that 90% of our sales are gained through customer recommendations and satisfied returning customers, and we work hard to provide a consistently excellent experience.

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