Bay Window Curtains

Styling bay curtains can be difficult – but we can help

A bay window is a beautiful and iconic piece of Victorian design. Many people are lucky enough to have these striking windows in their home and they are often the central point in a living room.

But they can be tricky to style. A little bit of expertise is required to correctly design and hang appropriate curtains. At Absolute Blinds, we offer a service to take away the difficulties associated with buying curtains for bay windows.

Because we supply curtains that perfectly fit your bay window, we provide a solution to any security concerns you may have. Your bay window curtains will fit perfectly, with no gaps or spaces that someone could see through into your home. Your privacy is therefore increased.

If you choose lined curtains for your bay window, then you will benefit from increased insulation. On winter evenings with your curtains drawn, you will be grateful for that guaranteed warmth in your living room.

Curtains designed for a bay window can be an opportunity to make a style statement. Because bay windows are so large and recognisable, you have quite a big space to work with and to make some bold choices, if you wish.

The biggest brands

Our suppliers include Prestigious, Arena, ILiv, and Drapes- so you have a wide variety of curtains to choose from that are specially designed for bay windows.

Why choose Absolute Blinds?

We are the largest independent blinds and curtain retailer in Welwyn Garden City, Hatfield and Hertford, and we have the largest blinds and curtain showroom in these areas too. With fifteen years of trading in the business, our team has an extremely high level of knowledge and expertise about blinds and curtain products and will ensure you are delighted with your finished product. As a mark of our quality, we are proud that 90% of our sales are gained through customer recommendations and satisfied returning customers, and we work hard to provide a consistently excellent experience.

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